Exclusive Property Maintenance Services


Let us prove to you that we maintain the highest standards in the industry, by offering you an ultimate worry-free experience!

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance


Add value and curb appeal to your property with our professional maintenance services. 

Our uniformed team takes pride in maintaining your property by mowing all lawn areas, trimming all perimeters, edging along sidewalks, and blowing all paved areas clean. Our teams are skilled and share in our commitment to service excellence. From basic to full service we will tailor a program to fit your needs. Relax and enjoy your summer, while we maintain your property for you.

Spring and Fall Cleanups


Start each season out right with our spring and fall cleanup service. We clean all leaves and debris from all flowerbeds and air rake all lawn surfaces leaving your property clean and ready for summer or next spring. Our work is then complemented with all lawns areas being freshly mowed. 

Additional Services



Keep your gardens appealing with seasonal pruning of evergreens, flowering shrubs and hedges. Pruning promotes new growth and healthier foliage.



A fundamental part of any natural lawn care program is overseeding. A thick, healthy lawn naturally crowds out weeds and is more resistant to disease and insect damage. Markland Wood uses a special blend of grass seed that thickens your lawn and repels insects. 

Fertilizing and Weed Prevention

Solutions for a Healthier and Weed-Free Lawn


We deliver on our promise to nourish your lawn to health, all while using the most organic and ecologically sustainable solutions possible.


One  of  the  single  most  important  things  you  can  do  for 

your   lawn   is   to   provide   it   with   the   plant   essential 

nutrients  it  needs  to  grow  healthy  and  stay  healthy,  all 

season long.

Balanced fertility throughout the year will keep your lawn 

looking green, thick, and healthy.

Our  Lawn  Food product  uses  a  combination  of  slow 

and   quick   release   fertilizer   technologies   that   are 

formulated   for   each   application,   delivering   essential 

nutrients  approximately  every  4  to  6  weeks,  depending 

on the time of year.

Our traditional fertilizer programs are specially designed 

to  produce  optimal  season  long  performance  using  our 

premium   granular   fertilizer.   A   customized   blend   of 

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) are evenly 

applied  and  seasonally  adjusted  to  meet  your  lawn's 

unique requirements.


Broadleaf  weeds  compete  with  your  lawn  for  that  same 

piece of prime real estate. They can be very aggressive, 

and   even   the   best   maintained   lawns   are   prone   to 


Look  after  your  lawn  with  weed  control  services  from 

Markland  Wood  Group.  Available  in  accordance  with 

provincial   and   local   pesticide   regulation,   our   Weed 

Prevent   effectively   eliminates   broadleaf   weeds   using 

synthetic  herbicides.  The  products  are  very  predictable 

and are specially designed to selectively eliminate a wide 

range  of  broadleaf  weeds,  without  any  risk  of  harming 

the lawn.

Weed  applications  are  carefully  applied  using  Integrated 

Pest  Management  (IPM)  principals,  thereby  minimizing 

the  use  of  herbicides.  Spot  applications  are  used  to 

effectively target each weed reducing the need to blanket 

spray the entire lawn area where weeds don't exist.